Amato Roofing was founded by George Amato in 1996. He was just a hardworking roofing contractor back then, with just a couple of fellow professional contractors working alongside him. Having a passion for continuous growth and improvement, George dedicated significant time and effort into perfecting his work; and then, finally, after decades of exceptional effort – Amato Roofing evolved into a bigger, better name in roofing business across BC.

We receive most bookings before the rainy months as most homeowners want to be well prepared and have their roofs fully inspected during this time of the year. But because we have over 50 professional roofing contractors at Amato Roofing, we would always have an expert available to work on your roof, any time.

Clients can take advantage of a free roof inspection from our seasoned roof contractors. All professional work we carry out is presented and explained to the homeowner fully, so you can get the guarantee that there won’t be any unexpected repairs that would be added once the job has commenced.

Our workers always provide work of superior quality – zero defective work is what we aim for, at Amato Roofing.

We understand that sometimes, unexpected roofing problems arise, that’s why we also offer emergency roofing services. Simply dial our number and our friendly representative will be of help.