Roof Repair

The Best Time For Roof Repair

When is the best season to conduct roof repair? Spring, fall, summer, or winter?

For many years now, people are arguing about the time of the year that’s most appropriate to have their roof repairs completed.

The thing is, it is virtually possible for you to hire roofing professionals to come and work at your roof any time of the year, but there are just specific times or seasons that are deemed better than others because of the safety it would provide. Some seasons are also regarded as better than others because any repair or installation jobs carried out during these seasons can be completed much quicker.



Since cold, slippery snow would already be here during winter, it is clear to see why winter would not be the best time to have any roof repair or installation done. With freezing temperatures and icy surfaces, it could be quite dangerous for anyone to be on top of the roof, working but if you need a repair done fast such as when you have a leaky roof, you don’t have time to wait. in this case you would be wise to call a fully licensed and insured company like Surrey Roofing to manage this task. 

Roof Repair


Because it is the driest time of the year, it’s easy to understand why summer seems to be the best time to have your roof repaired or installed. That may be true on some level, especially if safety is your priority. However, if the weather becomes extremely hot, your newly installed shingles may be damaged faster because of the heat and UV rays. Additionally, booking roofing contractors could be harder during summer because of the high demand for them during this season.



For some roofing contractors, autumn is the best time of the year for any roofing jobs to be completed because the weather is just right. Aside from that, when you have your roof repaired before the winter season comes, you will have confidence that you won’t face any roof problems once anything major like snowstorms hit.



Just like fall season, spring is also deemed by some contractors to be an ideal time for roof repairs. The weather’s not too extreme, and, this season is considered as off-peak by roofing companies. This means that it would not be too hard to book a roofing repair job from professionals. The roofing contractors will also be able to pay closer attention to your roof during this time because they are not laden with roofing jobs in spring.